Standard Styles

Rates for commissioned alters are pretty varied. Some alters might take an hour, some take days and days, so there’s a range! It depends on the card, the plan for the art, complexity and detail, etc. If you have a plan for your cards, drop us a note, and we can figure out all the details.

Below are some examples of some fairly standard styles of alter, as well as some less typical ones. Looking forward to hearing your plans!

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Looking forward to hearing all your spicy plans for altered cards!

Border Extensions

This is probably the most common sort of alter out there. We’re just taking the original card art, and painting an extension of it around the border of the card. There are basically two different styles here. We can leave a box around the Card Name and Mana Cost, and also around the Card Type and Set Symbol (usually on Modern-bordered cards). Or, we can remove those boxes and work around the lettering, (most common on pre-modern borders. ) Then there’s border extensions on other types of cards… So many options here!

Full Extensions

We can also extend the original card art across the whole face of the card, removing the rules text, for a full art alter. These give us a lot of room to add scenery and detail. Depending on the complexity of the extended art, the price can vary. These alters are a great way to get a really striking card, while keeping the standard art recognizable. Just make sure you know the rules text!

New Art Alters

These are the most involved alters, and also the most personalize-able. When we’re painting completely new art from scratch, the possibilities are pretty much unlimited. Since the options are so varied here, price really depends on the alter. These are the most fun to paint on our end of things, so if you have an idea, send us a note and we’ll be eager to figure it out with you!

“Pop-Overs” and other simple alters

A ton of little, relatively simple alters fall into this general category. This could be making some elements of the card art “pop-over” the border in some way for a 3-D effect. This could be changing something small in the art, like a character’s clothing, or parts of the scenery. Could be a lot of things, really, but here are some examples.

Interior Extensions

A less common, but pretty interesting way to alter a card, is to extend the art to cover the rules text, leaving the borders intact. It’s a good compromise between a Full Extension, and keeping the instantly familiar card frame.

Foil Cards

Foil cards take a bit more work than regular cards, between prepping the card to alter, and the extra difficulty of painting with the necessary transparency to really show off the foil. But, they’re totally worth it; foil alters are some of the most eye-catching cards out there. When it comes to pricing on foil alters, it’s usually somewhat higher than the non-foil alter would be, depending on the details.

Other Stuff?

These options are obviously just a few of the most common sorts of alters, so you can get a rough idea of pricing. But, with the literally infinite possibilities of card altering, a lot of options will fall outside those categories. So if you have an idea, just drop us a note and we can plan out all the details!